It is my belief that every man should find time to give back to the community. As a professional  and family man I can attest that we have a lot on our plate. That is always a good thing. We work to make ends meet and create room for relaxation. When you take a minute to think about the blessings we all have it just makes more sense to find time to bless others.


I have learned a lot over the short time I have been here and have a lot more to learn as a believer in continuous growth. The challenges I have faced and overcome for families, friends, veterans and businesses are works of knowledge that if not shared would be lost.

It is my passion and duty to give back to those looking for guidance.

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Mentoring will always be a passion that I will make time for.

I appreciate you coming to my website and hopefully sharing the same values and options instilled in me from my parents and mentors alike. It has enabled me to create a lifestyle that allows me to give back.

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If you are interested in becoming a mentor, lets talk.